About the exhibition

The international oil, gas, refining and petrochemical exhibition of Iran as the largest industrial and commercial event in this field, which is being held annually with the presence of a large number of powerful domestic and foreign companies in the oil, gas, refining and petrochemical industries, has a great opportunity. It is important for companies active in this industry to find their achievements and products in the hands of industry and industry professionals, and to guide their future activities and innovations, taking into account the demand for markets and the growth of this industry.
Therefore, we will inform all interested people and activists in this key industry. The 23rd period of this international exhibition will be held on May 16th-19th, 1397 in the permanent place of the Tehran International Exhibition.
In this regard, the headquarters intends to present special services in order to introduce the participants to the exhibition with the approach of Iranian oil industry excellence, based on internal capacity and global participation.
With the hope that holding this big event with the participation of all stakeholders in this industry is a step forward in order to enhance and reflect the capabilities of this industry in Iran and the world.


General purposes of the exhibition

1- Provide the latest technological advances in the field of oil and gas industry.

2. Expansion of engagement with other countries and competition with similar oil companies globally.

3. Assist in strengthening the ability to build domestic through the exchange of technical information.

4. Familiarity of industry, oil, gas and petrochemical industries with the achievements of modern industry.

5) Contracts for the trade of goods, services and technical information.

6. Development of employment in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

7- The presence of international tradesmen and craftsmen from around the world at the exhibition to help expand the export of domestic products.

8- Assistance in creating new overseas markets in the Islamic Republic of Iran aimed at developing target markets.

9. Organize various seminars to facilitate the achievement of the goals set.

10. Focus on decision makers at the macro level in pursuit of the goals of the fifth five-year plan of development and the 20-year vision of the country’s economic development in the oil, gas, refining and petrochemical sectors.

11. Improve the position and location of the exhibition in the region and the world.

12- Motivation to invest in various private, cooperative and governmental, domestic and foreign sectors in the oil and gas industry.

13- Creating a sense of national self-reliance and national self-reliance in specialized forces and managers and domestic investors to conduct studies and research in the fields of exploration, extraction, processing, and distribution and export of products.


About the organizer

Organizer: National Iranian Oil Company

Moderator: Task Manager Trading Co.

National Iranian Oil Company At A Glance:
Since 1991, the National Iranian Oil Company has been responsible for organizing and policy-making activities of the oil industry, including the exploration, drilling, production, research and development, refining and distribution of oil, gas and oil products and its exports.

The company is one of the largest oil companies in the world with huge hydrocarbon reserves. With the advent of knowledge and technology of the oil industry and the complexity of economic and political events, the position of the National Iranian Oil Company has also been upgraded. Hence, national and regional policies and cooperation with major industrialized countries in providing energy and stabilizing world oil markets are on the agenda of this company.
In accordance with Article 44 of the Constitution, the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) has taken effective steps towards the establishment of an enterprise by delegating powers to various sectors, while supervising the activities of the oil industry. Also, it has taken a lot of steps in providing financial resources and necessary items for development and growth in line with the upgrading of knowledge and technology in the field of exploration, drilling and exploitation with the trust of experts and staff of Iran.
National Iranian Oil Company is an organized organization of management units (International Affairs Management, Research and Technology Management, Integrated Management Management, Coordination and Monitoring of Oil and Gas Production, ICT Management, Human Resource Management, Department of Management Financial, legal affairs management, exploration management, health, safety and environmental management, oil spill assistance projects), headquarters (public relations, selection kits, security, inspections and complaints, internal audit), organizational (Research Institute of Oil Industry, Health Organization, National Iranian Gas Export Company, Organization of Optimization Country fuel consumption, pension funds, savings and welfare of employees), manufacturing companies (National Oil and Gas Companies, Central Iranian Oil Companies, Pars Oil and Gas Company, Iranian Offshore Oil Company, Narvan Oil and Gas Company, Khazar Oil Company) and technical services companies (National Drilling Company of Iran, Oil Engineering and Development Company, Tehran Oil Company Production and Supply Company, Iranian Oil Terminal Company, Pars Special Economic Zone Organization).


Exhibit specialized subgroups

Classification of the Field of Activity of the Participants of the International Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical Exhibition
1. Products / Equipment / Materials
1.01 Exploration equipment
1.02 Drilling equipment
1.03.Riding and loading
1.04. Rotary machinery and equipment (compressor, pump, turbine, blower / actuator)
1.05. Heating equipment (heater, furnace, converter, boiler)
1.06.Health and Health
1.07. Tank / cylinder / tower
1.08. Equipments and electrical materials
1.09.Control equipment and tools
1.10. Miscellaneous mechanical equipment
1.11. Heating and heating / ventilation
1.12. Offshore and offshore
1.13. Computer, communications and telecommunications
1.14. Laboratory equipment
1.15.Manit / Protection / Security
1.16. Living environment
1.17. Tubes, hoses and fittings
1.18. Lighting and accessories
1.19. Steels and metals
1.20.Plastic and composite
1.21.Output and associated tools
1.22. Chemical substances / Oils / paints
1.23.Firewalls and refractories
1.24 Road and building
1.25 workshop and hand tools
1.26.Hardware and office
1.27. Package systems
1.28.Other products, fittings and materials
2.01 Engineering services
2.03.Research and development
2.04.Having, exploration and production
2.05 Construction, modification, repair and maintenance
2.06.Installation and commissioning, offshore services
2.07.Testing, control and inspection
2.08.Transportation / Freight / Logistics
2.10. Seismology / Geophysics
2.11. Information systems
2.12. Oil technology services
2.13. Certificates and standards
2.14. Financial, insurance and financial affairs
2.15. Maintenance of service centers
2.16. Other support services
3. Integrated and integrated services
3.01.Management / Procurement
3.02.Management / Procurement / Construction
3.03.Management / Procurement / Construction / Installation
3.04.Management / Procurement / Construction / Installation / Implementation
3.05.Integrated services
4. The Group of Strategic Goods of Iranian Oil Industry
4.01. Heading equipment and complementary fields within the well
In-well pumps (ESP, SRP)
4.03. Drilling Methods (Rocky, Diamond, Crushing)
4.04. Controls, safety and accessories
Cluster, brain, drilling and flow tubes
4.06. Rotary machines (turbines, compressors and pumps)
4.07. Anti-explosion electromotors and variable round
4.08. Alloy Products (CRYOGENICS)
4.09 Measuring tools in drilling
4.10. Intelligent packs